When Would You Need to Attain a Bail Bond?

Many people do not believe it but no matter how heinous the crime, an accused person can still be bailed out until and unless he/she is proven to be guilty. It might sound unfair but the legal system is based on fairness which is why the amount of bail depends upon the nature of crime which means the more heinous the crime, higher the bail amount. The highest amount of bail has been known to go up to $250 million dollar and more but of course there are many factors that the decision is based on.

If you are in Montgomery and your loved one has been put in jail, you can get them out by paying the amount of bail but as we mentioned, some crimes result in high bail amount. If you do not have the money to post bail, you can always get a bail bond from a bail bond agency. We would advise that you search up the most reliable bail bond agency or a surety bond company before you actually contact the bail bond agent. Before you go up and get the bail bond, you should know which crimes result in the highest amount of bail money so that you know what you are getting yourself into.


There is no doubt that murder is the worst crime that someone can commit which is why the bail amount of it is highest. It is generally around 1 million dollar but the amount is dependent upon factors like number of victims, circumstances of murder etc.

Insider Trading

Insider trading is illegal trading in the stock exchange for personal gain but since it is not violent, it is a white collar crime but the bail amount still can be pretty high.

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