Training For Basketball

Basketball is an amazingly fun game and one that is famous all over the world as a very popular game. You can find people playing basketball anyplace in the world and it is an easy enough game to learn, so you can join them at playing too. The learning curve of basketball is not particularly high, but there are always ways to improve and be better than you were before. In this article we will talk about a few ways you can become better at one of the core functions of basketball; the dribbling. So read on as we discuss some of the basketball training drills for beginners.

The first type of drill you can run is the dribble and catch. This is a type of dribble that can help you get situational awareness while you play and also help you keep your balance while making your movement around the basketball court. You will need a partner for this type of drill. You will need to stand around 15 feet away from your partner and have them throw a tennis ball towards you while you dribble. You have to catch the tennis ball without ruining the dribble. This will help you with your reactions and help you practice maintaining your dribbles. Your partner can throw the ball as high or low as they wish and to either side as well, and it is supposed to help with your movement too.

Another great drill is the full court layup. You start at one end of the court and run towards the hoop on the opposite side and attempt a layup. Then you try and do it at the other end. You keep doing it until you are able to get from one end to the other using only 5 dribbles.

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