Tips And Tricks For Cleaning of Glass Pipes

Glass pipes require cleaning from time to time. It is best to clean them in a timely manner or else it will affect the taste of the smoke and would actually be unhealthy. It is always a good idea to follow the cleaning manual provided by the manufacturer or ask the salesperson about the cleaning procedure of the particular pipe you are planning to buy. If you purchase wholesale weed pipes, they would only be great if you clean them properly so read on ahead to find different methods of cleaning glass pipes.


We all know that boiling glass devices is the best way to sterilize them. This method of sterilization is easy enough to clean your glass pipe but you need to have your wits about you if you want it to go smoothly. One tip is to never put your glass pipe in boiling hot water because the sudden heat can shatter the glass. In a pot of water, place the pipe in a way that it is completely under water. Check for air bubbles and if you find any, clear them out by tilting the pipe left and right. You need to heat the water at a medium heat at first and it will start boiling after some time. You can turn off the heat completely once you see that all the resin inside the glass pipe is completely gone.

Alcohol Cleaning

We would recommend alcohol cleaning to everyone because it is far easier and safer than boiling the glass pipe. All you need to do is fill up a plastic bag with 91% or higher alcohol and dip your glass pipe in it and put in some salt. Shake the bag and complete the job with cleaning out the pipe using a Q-tip to remove every particle.

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