Online Advertising vs. Mobile Advertising

The way companies advertise over the internet has really changed over the past decade. These days, you’re more likely to see ads for things you are actually interested in. About a couple of years back, you’ll run into all these absurd ads for things you don’t even need all the time. Imagine trying to watch a nice informative video on YouTube and seeing an advertisement for some company that sells mattresses.

However, as we said earlier, you won’t see a mattress ad till you actually need one. In a way, ads are getting creepier as they get more accurate. You might be out looking for something to buy and the moment you get home and log on to your Facebook app, you’ll see an ad or two for the exact same thing. Now, either you’re being watched or the technology that advertising companies use is getting really, really accurate.

Through the permissions you grant apps when you install them, they can gather bits and pieces of information that let companies know where you were and what websites you’ve been looking at so they can show you content that’s relevant. This is convenient but if you find it invasive, you could always just not use smartphones and save yourself from finding yourself in a Black Mirror episode.

Mobile advertising is every business’s wet dream at this point. Did you know that even Google’s lost about 10% of their advertisement revenue over the last year while Facebook has gained about 16%? What’s Facebook doing differently, you ask? They’re focused on mobile advertising while Google has always been more focused on web advertisements. You can learn more about this over at Mobile advertisements are definitely the future but it really makes you wonder if our future generations will even know what privacy is.

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