How to Choose a Heat Pump

If you are thinking about getting a heat pump for your home then you should know that there are a few things you should generally consider before buying one. Different types of heat pumps are made with different specifications, which means that they have separate sorts of benefits and functionality. Knowing which type of heat pump would be best for you can help you save a lot of money, and also save yourself a lot of work for when you would have to replace it. So normally we suggest that every person read up a few varmepumpe reviews before making their decision. We also aim to help by mentioning a few important specifications you should look for depending on what works better for you.

So you should definitely ask about the CoP of the heat pump. The CoP stands for the Coefficient of Performance. This directly relates to the amount of power and electricity required in kilo watts to produce a certain amount of heat in kilo joules. Now what you are looking for is a Coefficient of Performance that gives you a lot of heat while consuming a smaller amount of electricity or power. A good Coefficient of Performance score, which is a higher score, means that the model uses a lot amount of energy to produce any certain amount of heat, and those are the ones you will want.

Another similar concept is the SCoP, which is the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance. This is another important rating for you to understand because this ratio will be telling you just how much power consumption is done on average by a model of a heat pump, over an entire year. A higher Seasonal Coefficient of Performance is good as it means less energy consumed.

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